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  • Operating terms for the “Fukuoka Busan Café” website

Operating terms for the “Fukuoka Busan Café” website

Article 1: Objective
These terms apply to the operation and use of the “Fukuoka Busan Cafe”website (the “System”).
Article 2: Definition of terms
The following terms are defined for use in these Operating Terms.
  1. (1) Operating body:The organization responsible for operating the System and managing information in an integrated fashion.
  2. (2) User:People or organizations receiving or providing information through the use of the System.
  3. Personal information:Personal information is as defined in Article 2, Para. 2 of the Fukuoka City Regulation on the Protection of Personal Information (No. 103 of 1995).
Article 3: Basic operating policy
The System provides the basic concept of “the Fukuoka-Busan Supra- regional Economic Zone.” and shows past achievements of the project.
The major objective of the project is to facilitate cultural, commercial and industrial exchanges among people from both cities of Fukuoka and Busan.
It is also designed to contribute to create network of people by providing information related to trends in fashion, food and other interests.
Article 4: Observance of these terms
The operating body and users agree to observe these operating terms.
Article 5: Operating body
The operating body for the System is Fukuoka City. Content is managed by the International Economic Affairs Division, Economy, Tourism and Culture Bureau.
Article 6: Acts forbidden to users
Users are forbidden from the following acts in the use of the System.
  1. 1: Violations of applicable laws and regulations
  2. 2: Unauthorized copying of information of images provided by the System.
  3. 3: Of the following acts, acts which have a grave effect on the operation of the System, and raise problems for many users.
    • a: Distribution of computer viruses, unauthorized access or service interference with the System, destroying, damaging or limiting the functions of the System hardware or software.
    • b: Provision of information under an assumed name.
    • c: Unauthorized acquisition, alteration or deletion of information.
    • d: Any use of System function for profit, regardless of objectives, means or conditions (use, re-use, copying, sale, etc.).
    The operating body reserves the right to forbid the use of the System by any user engaging in the above acts, and deleted information entered by or relating to that user.
    In the event of losses incurred by the operating body as a result of acts defined in Para. 1 above, the operating body may demand recompense from that user.
Article 7:Handling of personal information
Personal information in the System shall be handled in accordance with the Fukuoka City Regulation on the Protection of Personal Information. Information collected via this system will be used to confirm information provided in registration as individual member, corporate member or business support member, for various communications with members, and in surveys required for the operation of the system.
Article 8: System operation and management
The operating body shall be responsible for system operation and management. The operating body shall handle information collection, registration, revision and deletion, and maintain the database in an appropriate state.

Article 9: Copyright
All text, imagery and other content in the System is, in principle, copyright the operating body.
Regardless of the above item, the user shall, in principle, retain copyright to registered information, and text and imagery as listed separately.
The operating body and users must seek and receive authorization from copyright holders when submitting copyrighted information in registration.
Article 10: Interruption or cancellation of the System
In any of the following situations, the operating body may interrupt or cancel the functions of some or all of the System, without notifying or receiving authorization from users.
  1. 1: For System maintenance or update.
  2. 2: When it is difficult or impossible to provide service due to events such as fire, power outages or Acts of God.
  3. 3: When it is difficult or impossible to provide service to unauthorized access via the Internet or other routes.
  4. 4: When the operating body judges it is difficult or impossible to provide service for other reasons.
Article 11: Functional and other improvements
With the objective of enhancing System functionality and improving System robustness, the operating body may, without notifying of receiving the authorization of users, add, modify, or delete designs, functions of other System elements, or make other improvements.
Article 12: Liability of operating body
In the event of dispute between site users, or between site users and third parties, concerning information provided through this system, users are obligated to resolve the issue at their own expense and responsibility.
  1. Fukuoka City can accept no responsibility for the following items.
  2. 1: Damages suffered by users or third parties due to delays, interruption or cessation of information provision.
  3. 2: Assurance that information provided by this System is accurate and/or useful, or any damage suffered by users due to this information.
  4. 3: Disputes between users incorporating services provided by this System. Damages suffered as a result of personal information on linked sites, or the application of data collection terms.
Article 13: Links
In principle linking to this site is uncontrolled, but links are forbidden in the following cases.
  1. 1: Links from sites which contain content condemning or disparaging this site or which could damage its reputation.
  2. 2: Links to individual graphics with the System, without any intent to introduce the System.
  3. 3: Links from sites which are related to illegal activity, contain content in appropriate from the viewpoint of public morals, or which could contain such material, are forbidden.
  4. 4: Links from pages which display information from the System, through frames or other means, in such as way as to disguise the source of the information.
Article 14: Settlement of disputes and jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute involving the System, these terms and/or the operating body, Japanese law and only Japanese law shall apply.

In the event of such a dispute, the Fukuoka District Court or Fukuoka Small Claims Court shall have jurisdiction.
Any legal action related to such disputes must be initiated within one year of the cause of the dispute.
Article 15: Revisions, etc.
The operating body may revise these terms at any time, without notifying or receiving authorization from users, as required for the operation and management of the System.The operating body shall display the revised content on the System in the event these terms are revised.
These operating terms are effective as of March 21, 2012.
During the period from March 21, 2012 through March 31, 2012, all references to the International Economic Affairs Division, Economy, Tourism and Culture Bureau shall instead refer to the International Economic Affairs Division, Economic Promotion Bureau.


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